Sapporo Autumn Fest

About the Sapporo Autumn Fest

Sapporo Autumn Fest showcases the richness of food production around Hokkaido and its capital city Sapporo.
Hokkaido’s four distinct seasons of the year enrich its vast land and ocean. The snow accumulated on the land during winter turns into fresh and clear water in spring, which is essential to all kinds of crops to grow in the summertime. Autumn is the harvest season, and Sapporo Autumn Fest brings us the best opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the benefit from nature.
The eight sites along the Odori park strip bring you to the food world of Hokkaido.
Sapporo Autumn Fest is not an event of just eating, drinking or buying food. Through those opportunities, you will get to know more about the food in Hokkaido and the people involved in it: both your appetite and your heart will be fulfilled.

Get embraced with the autumn harvest from all over Hokkaido. Delight the palate and make long-lasting memories. It is only possible at this time of the year at Sapporo Autumn Fest!

1-chome site Sapporo Oktoberfest 2017

Sapporo Oktoberfest 2017
“Oktoberfest,” the world’s largest beer festival held in Sapporo’s sister city, Munich, Germany, is reproduced here.

Reproducing the ambiance of Sapporo’s sister city, Munich, Germany! It’s a venue where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival. In addition to the “Official Oktoberfest Beer,” a limited edition barrel draft beer authentically brewed in Germany, you can have your fill of German barrel draft beer that you usually don’t have a chance to taste and a range of craft beer from various places in Hokkaido. Moreover, you can enjoy craft beer from another one of our sister cities, Portland, Oregon, USA. As for food, we offer native German cuisine, German sausages, foods that pair well with beer, snacks making good use of ingredients from Hokkaido, and much more. Also we invite you to an authentic Munich atmosphere with staff dressed in dirndls, traditional German national costumes, and live music. The approximately 400 guest seats are covered with a tent with a side curtain to protect against rain, wind, and cold, so you can enjoy the music at your leisure.

[About Oktoberfest]
Blessing the new beer brewed that year since 1810, it is held every autumn in Sapporo’s sister city Munich, Germany, and it is the world’s largest beer festival with over 200 years of history. For about 2 weeks from the end of September to the beginning of October, more than 6.5 million people attend not only from Germany, but from all over the world.

4-chome site Sapporo Welcome Park

Autumn Fest’s entrance is full of Hokkaido’s charms! This year the food court has a wide variety of shops. Food and information transmission are provided to all with “omotenashi,” Japanese hospitality.

Odori 4-Chome Site serves as Sapporo Autumn Fest 2017’s entrance venue, and offers to everyone “omotenashi,” or Japanese hospitality, and cuisine that abundantly uses Hokkaido’s seasonal ingredients. This year we renewed the venue to be one you will want to visit many times just like a food court with various items like Japanese food, Western food, Chinese food, meat dishes from seafood, snacks, sweets, and every kind of drink. Furthermore, we have increased the number of guest seats that can cope with the rainy weather. Please fully enjoy the sensation of Sapporo and the North’s nice autumn with delicious food from our hospitable venue.

5-chome site Hokkaido Ramen Festival 2017 & Kuidaore Square

Selling unique “ramen” that was developed using Hokkaido wheat noodles, and ingredients from various locations in Hokkaido. Furthermore, we offer various menus utilizing locally produced and locally consumed ingredients that we call “Foodie Square.”

This year in commemoration of the tenth festival held at Odori Park, we have a lineup focusing on ramen shops that were especially popular at the past Ramen Festival! A total of 20 ramen shops that stick to Hokkaido wheat noodles from variously places all over Hokkaido will set up stalls. It is inevitable they will pay attention to the entrance from this year “Foodie Square!” Starting from new and local gourmet food, the HBC that gains in popularity each year “Let’s eat, everyone! Hokkaido” and “Dosanko Marche 179” we offer products that condense the deliciousness from 179 Hokkaido municipalities. Japanese cuisine “Juppo Ebisu Dai” offers Akkeshi oysters and Toyonishi beef “Oyster & Steak House es,” you can enjoy Korean cuisine dak-galbi (chicken galbi) as cheese dak-galbi in a cheese fondue style, “Shiawase Sakaba Warai” and other famous shops that use Hokkaido ingredients and Japanese hospitality such as “Hokkaido Ingredients HUG,” “Yakitori Senmon Ginneko,” “Doner Kebab Aicha,” “Seisu,” and “Ice no Ie Booth.” Drinks such as beer and vintage wine, sake, shochu, and cocktails are also substantial.

6-chome site Aozora x Hoshizora Harvest Festival 6-chome Harvest Bazaar

A variety of genres of food with the theme “Sapporo Area Food” will appear such as Japanese food, Western Food, ethnic food, etc. Also, popular gourmet food like “soup curry” and so on which originated in Sapporo will be available.

The 6-Chome Site is full of delicious autumn food this year too! In addition to “Harvest Kitchen” where you see the popular restaurants that everyone talks about in Sapporo and “Harvest Street” where you can get unique goods and souvenirs, this year we have added a new “fast food” corner perfectly suited for autumn’s eating and walking. 6-chome’s specialty hearth baked pizza “Aozora x Hoshizora Bar” also features a new menu. In this feel-good venue where the sunlight dances through the autumn leaves, please enjoy the delicious and fun 6-Chome gourmet.

7-chome site Odori Park Nanachome (7-chome) Bar

We offer dishes (appetizers) using Hokkaido grown ingredients that pair well with alcohol, including Hokkaido wine, sake, and much more.

A winery in Hokkaido that has increased its numbers year after year. In addition, the high-quality Hokkaido sake has been recognized at wine tastings throughout the country and has received numerous awards. Furthermore, our shochu made using various local ingredients, and domestic whiskey have become big topics of conversation in TV dramas, and Hokkaido produced alcohol has gained a lot of attention here over the last ten years. At the 7-Chome Site, we will commemorate the 10th year of “Sapporo Autumn Fest” with many events prepared so that you may drink and compare various kinds of Hokkaido produced alcohols. We propose the perfect marriage between food and drink that use Hokkaido-made ingredients.

8-chome site Sapporo Odori Furusato Market

Local cuisines from around Hokkaido are served at the 8-Chome Site! The largest gourmet showcase in Hokkaido where you can enjoy the tastes of autumn!

Hokkaido’s municipalities set up shops and are divided into 4 areas for the duration of the event to sell their own towns’ special products which they take pride in. In the center of the venue, we have prepared a large food and drink space with a roof waiting for everyone. The special corner which celebrates the commemorative 10th event is also featured. Please enjoy the 8-Chome Site.

10-chome site Oh! Dori Farm “Oniku 10-chome”

That “Meat Jyu Chome” but powered up further this year. In addition to beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, wild game venison is served. There are plenty of live performances, and you can also enjoy a fashionable “outdoor fest” style atmosphere.

Meat Jyu Chome, but upgrading further this year.
Famous wild game shops whose names make a thundering roar across the country and popular shops that capture the hearts of carnivore women line up with charming menus filled to perfection. Hokkaido’s delicious meat dishes are here in full force.

11-chome site World Food Park/THE Sapporo Autumn Fest

A variety of menus presented with the concept of “Sapporo, Hokkaido’s Food and a World Trip of Authentic Food Flavors.”

World Food Park
Odori 11-Chome Site has the “Sapporo, Hokkaido and World Foods” theme, starting with this festival’s continuously popular “Sapporo Chefs’ Kitchen,” we make chances for you to meet and understand other countries through cuisine, and offer a place to enjoy new foods. Please enjoy “world travel” through the authentic tastes and talents of every country’s chefs.

THE Sapporo Autumn Fest.
8 Years have passed since the time the first Sapporo Autumn fest was held in 2009 at the 4-Chome Site. Reincarnated from the faces of Sapporo Autumn Fest, “Sapporo Chefs’ Kitchen” and “Sapporo Tapas,” which boast tremendous popularity every year, comes this year’s “Sapporo Afternoon Bar & Lounge,” “Projects Unique to Sapporo,” and “Challenge Autumn.” As the symbol of Sapporo Autumn Fest, we offer Hokkaido’s first-class ingredients, first-class chefs, and first-class service. Also, “Sapporo Chefs’ Kitchen” and “Sapporo Afternoon Bar & Lounge” will offer a menu using the theme’s three colors in coordination with the 2017 Sapporo International Arts Festival.

Special site

Riverside Restaurant Sosei

We offer restaurant-like menus and service while you listen to the sounds of the stream near you. It’s a stylish venue that is easy for female companions to settle into, not to mention friends and colleagues.

For eating and drinking booths, we introduce Autumn Fest’s first “table order system” in order to relieve line waiting time at purchase. In addition, we offer 3 special limited menus during the event. We have created a space where you may enjoy “food” comfortably without getting bored no matter how many times you visit.

Autumn Sweets Garden SAPPORO

Girls’ Big Party! Lots of “sweets!” We give to you the charm of Hokkaido and Sapporo, which you can only taste here!

Autumn Sweets Garden SAPPORO
For a limited 10 days you can enjoy “Sapporo Sweets” starting with Western sweets, Japanese sweets, the Made in Hokkaido “Hokukoro Petit Burger,” and more that focus on Hokkaido-produced ingredients.
※Because quantities are limited, please purchase as quickly as possible.